Why is College Newspaper Advertising So Effective?

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One of the most effective ways to market to college students is to advertise in campus student newspapers. According to 3DIssue, a recent study showed that 72-80% of college students read their campus newspaper regularly. College newspapers are generally available all over campus, are free and reach a specific demographic that has a surprisingly high readership. Although they are not the only form of advertising critical for most businesses, it does represent a great opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked. According to Book Business, targeted print advertising is a cost-effective way to get your brand’s message across to your target audience. Even though colleges offer lower prices to advertisers than national newspapers, they have a higher readership.

  • College newspapers are a trusted on-campus resource

College students read their college newspapers because it is a trusted source of information. It brings together the community of students and provides information free from outside influencers.

  • College newspaper advertising gets the message across in one fell swoop

Newspaper ads are easily retained.  After one reading and takes significantly less repetition in order for it to be successful. College newspapers benefit from the fact that it is read almost exclusively by college students. This allows for direct targeting, and allows for customization based on demographics of specific colleges.

  • College newspaper advertisements are great for engagement

Students who read college newspapers are looking for information and will approach advertisements the same way they approach the articles. As a part of the reading experience, they will view these ads with an open mind and willingness to be informed about something.

According to the NCES, in fall 2016 20.5 million students attended American colleges and universities, which is a 5.2 million people increase since fall 2000. This fast-growing segment cannot be ignored and must be carefully targeted. College newspapers are an effective way to reach a mass group of students on campus.

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