College Newspaper Advertising Tips Part 2

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College newspaper advertising is a great advertising medium to connect with college consumers. College newspapers are a lively and popular medium on campus that isn’t going away despite the latest trends of the Internet and social media. Last week, we shared some tips about effectively placing and positioning college newspaper advertisements. Here are some more tips about college newspaper advertising:


  1. Some days are better suited for your product/brand than others.

The day you are looking to place an ad should be somewhat dependent on your target audience. If you’re looking to market to college males, Monday is a great day to place an ad because all weekend sports are summarized in the Monday paper. Friday is a good day if your product or service is pertaining to restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts or other venues. If there is a food or health and wellness section or day of the newspaper, you should place an ad on those days if yours is a health or food related product.

  1. Make your ad newsworthy

College students read college newspapers to get the buzz on what’s new on campus. Make your ad suited to what they are looking for by making your ad stand out. Get readers talking about your ad and not just the articles within the newspaper.

  1. Test your ad on a variety of different newspapers

If your brand is new to college newspaper advertising, don’t be afraid to try out a variety of different ones. It does not have to be only schools in one set area, or only Ivy League schools. Instead, test out your ad in various campuses in different sizes and locations.

  1. Don’t expect to see results overnight

Unless you are offering a time-sensitive promotion of your product, do not expect to see results overnight. Consistency is key in developing brand awareness on campus. Seeing results from your campaign will occur over time.

  1. The first thing readers will see is the headline

The headline should draw in readers to peak their interest in learning more. An effective headline should offer a meaningful or intriguing benefit or a straightforward offer to the reader. Don’t feel pressured to fit in the name of your business in the headline, because the benefit or offer is more important. Even those who do not read the entire ad will get the point of your product or promotion you are offering. Additionally, adding an image (as opposed to a logo) will increase net exposure to your ad. This means more people will respond to it.

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