College Newspaper Series: Advertising Tips

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With the growth and popularity of the Internet and social media, it can be easily assumed that college newspaper advertising is becoming obsolete. However, college newspapers are alive and well, and on most campuses a must-read to keep up with local news, sports scores and happenings on campus. College newspapers have overcome the test of time, through radio, TV and now Internet, and are a great place to advertise your brand to college students. Here on at OnCampus Advertising, we provide connections to college newspapers to make your brand heard on campus. Here are a few tips on college newspaper advertising:

  1. Consistency is important.

Be consistent throughout all the channels used during advertising campaigns. College newspapers should be treated like a channel no different than mobile, email, or online. Keep ads and the message consistent on all platforms used.

  1. Understand some issues are better to advertise in than others.

Generally, the best time to run a newspaper ad would be Sunday. However, college students read their campus newspapers more often during special issues including orientation issues and back-to-school issues. Keep in mind that newspaper issues before and after big game days foster higher readership.

  1. Position your ad.

Physically positioning where your advertisement will be is important. To gain maximum exposure, place your ad on the front cover, above the fold. However, you may want to align your ad along with certain articles that fit your product or service. For example, if your product falls under the health trend, position your ad near the health and wellness section of the newspaper, if they offer it.

  1. Use the space you are paying for.

You want to provide college students with enough information to buy what you are selling. White space is not necessarily always a good thing. Because you are paying for every square inch of the ad, make use of it!

  1. Use color

Depending on the college newspaper, you will have the opportunity to either print in color or black and white. Even just one color in an ad is enough to make it pop against a newspaper background. Any color can dramatically increase the number of people who read your ad, as well as increase response rate.

Visit our blog in the next few days for more tips about college newspaper advertising!


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