College Newspaper Landscape – Part 3

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Special Issues

Events such as the Oscars and the Super Bowl only happen once a year. However, they are advertising gold mines. These once a year events are comparable to special edition issues in the print world. Some well-known special edition issues are ESPN the Magazine’s The Body Issue and Time’s Man of the Year magazines. When it comes to more local, college based newspapers, their special editions have the same big name effect as these national publications.

According to Peter Gardiner, chief media officer for the advertising agency Deutsch, “The analogy is to why you pay a premium to run in the Oscars or the Super Bowl — there are more people, more deeply engaged, it creates a lot more buzz.” On college campuses, welcome back issues are great for the student population to get back into the swing of things as they begin their new year at school.

Many schools have sport preview issues that give students an inside look on what to expect for the upcoming season. This is especially big at schools with large sports programs, such as University of Michigan and their March Madness issue. While regular issues still provide a valuable means from an advertising perspective, special issues provide a little extra oomph.

Some college special issues to consider include:

  • Freshman Orientation
  • Welcome Back-to-School
  • Football Preview
  • Career Guide
  • Homecoming
  • Holiday Gift Guide
  • Spring Welcome Back
  • Romance/Relationship
  • Housing Guide
  • Graduation

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