College Newspaper Online Advertising

College Newspaper Online Advertising
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COVID-19 has completely rewritten what the normal college experience looks like. Businesses are still trying to find ways to reach students, as they adapt to this new adventure in remote learning. In a normal school year, businesses would be flyering via brand ambassadors, bringing their products on campus, or maybe even hosting events for students. However, with many schools scaling back their in-person classes, college newspaper online advertising becomes a great solution in reaching students.

The College Newspaper Online Market

College newspapers have always been a reliable way to reach their students. 3DIssue showed that a recent study revealed nearly 80% of college students regularly read their campus paper. At a school like Ohio State this could mean an audience of over 53,000 students.

Thankfully, many college newspapers have expanded into the online platform as well. In the era of Covid, this is the perfect way to be able to reach college students across the world. This works whether they are on campus, learning remotely, or even adapting a hybrid model. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, 62% of schools will be operating in person, 21% plan to utilize a hybrid model, and only 8% will be fully remote.

Benefits of College Newspaper Online Advertising

While print newspapers are already incredibly attainable and practically always within reach, the online platform removes any barriers with distance or availability. Sharing articles becomes effortless and they become available to read from anywhere in the country, even the world. Students can post, tweet, or even message links to their friends, bringing an exponential number of people to the page.

Advertising in online college newspapers gives businesses the potential to rack up thousands of impressions. Both students and the general population read the sites. Unlike regular newspapers, these ads also have the opportunity to be interactive and can direct traffic straight to a company’s website with a single click.

According to Best Colleges, there are nearly 20 million college students in the US and an additional 1 million international students. This incredibly large population is still accessible. Perhaps even more so than they were pre-Covid. This will give businesses opportunities to promote their advertising to a global audience. In the time of social distancing and online learning, college students are still within reach.

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