College Newspapers Are Still a Valuable Advertising Channel

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With print newspaper readership declining throughout most generations, one would think it would be almost dead in the millennial generation. However, it is quite the opposite with college newspapers, which have a very high readership rate. Although there has been a decline in traditional print newspapers, research conducted by the College Media Review found that college students are still more likely to read their physical college newspapers than online versions. Here are a few reasons as to why college newspapers remain strong during this digital age:

College newspapers possess many qualities that present itself to be an exception to newspapers’ declining trend.

Why are college students so tempted to pick up their newspaper? Its attractiveness lies in the free price tag, the immediate relevance of content, and the fact that college campuses are one of the few places with high walking traffic and high amounts of free time. What better way to kill time before your next class than to read up on your college’s latest football win? These reasons account for the fact that most of college students, regardless of major or year, read their college newspaper. Additionally, college newspapers appear more down to earth than other news outlets – because their peers have had a hand in what goes in the paper.

Advertisements in college newspapers are more relevant to what the students are looking for product-wise.

Because college newspapers are created and made by students, those students working on the newspaper have a say in what advertisements go in the paper. Therefore, advertisements in college newspapers will be more relevant to students’ needs and wants, and readers will be more likely to trust and research into the brand or product that is advertising. Additionally, because college newspapers have such a high readership widespread college campuses, advertisements will be able to reach a large amount of their target audience.

College newspapers are adaptable to their changing environment.

With general newspaper readership in a decline, college newspapers have become adaptable in understanding the changing technological environment they are working with. College newspapers have decreased their print frequency from daily to weekly or even bi-weekly, and have opened up a highly online presence and stressed more online news. Oklahoma State University, for example, took a more creative route for maintaining print revenue – they charge anyone outside of the 25-mile radius to the campus a $10/year access fee. Therefore, college newspapers understand the struggling area they are in and have taken initiative to stay afloat.

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