College Newspapers Remain Strong

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College newspapers have kept strong readership, while nationwide papers experience a decline in circulations. As college newspapers digital platforms continue to grow, print remains a viable resource. College newspapers still meet the obligatory goal of promoting campus events and helping students connect with various services, but to keep students’ attentions, college newspapers refocused their editorial.

To keep students interested in their content, college newspapers have adopted different approaches for its print and digital media. Stories that cover trending topics are featured in online exclusives; meanwhile, stories published in print more often focus on a student. These exposés typically depict a student’s journey and the positive impact he or she has had on the campus community or vice versa. Increasingly, these exposés share an individual student’s views and experiences dealing with an issue that is affecting the campus community.

By highlighting the experiences of the community members, student newspapers have kept a unique perspective. This change in style has been embraced by campuses everywhere. Student profiles, crime logs, and goals set by student government members to improve campus life are enough to keep classmates picking up the latest university affiliated publication. Adapting these publications to cater to a specific audience, the student body, allows for a unique advertising opportunity.

Companies looking to reach students, at a specific school or a group of schools that share certain similarities, are able to filter specific marketing preferences to reach a goal consumer base. Advertising in print is yet another viable tool used to reach the millennial population attending higher education. Advertising in print can also be an effective medium to supplement a campaign on a digital platform.

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