College Print Newspapers vs. Digital

College Print Newspapers

Newspapers in America have significantly declined in the last decade due to the rise of the Internet and digital newspapers. There has been multiple debates on whether or not, print newspapers still have a purpose. Or if they’ll survive. Despite that, we still believe that college print newspapers are worthy and relevant to modern society. And we are not the only ones. The New York Times recently wrote about the value of college newspapers to modern world.

Over 2,000 newspapers throughout the nation, have merged or been discontinued. However, print newspapers offer years of experience and knowledge, as well as credibility and unity.


Since the beginning of their time, newspapers have been considered credible sources. Newspapers report on local and global issues backed up with research and evidence. Also, newspapers help readers keep track of issues in context of their time, and related cases/events. Readers trust newspapers because they have authority, coverage, accuracy, and most importantly they’re printed. Print newspapers create credibility to their respective audiences. Respectable newspapers like WSJ and NYT have sparked an irrefutable reputation based on trust from their readers. Therefore, newspapers should not be disregarded despite of technological advancements like digital newspapers.

Brings People Together

It does not matter if the newspaper is based in a huge city like New York City, or a small town in Michigan, newspapers bring people together. For example, the only newspaper in Ann Arbor, Michigan is directed and written by students at University of Michigan. The Michigan Daily, a student run college newspaper, is the only paper in town. Students in Michigan and Arizona report local events on their free time as a hobby to inform the citizens of Ann Arbor beyond the borders of the school grounds. Students believe that it’s their duty to report the happenings in Ann Arbor since local papers merged or closed. The student body informs the town about events, traffic, politics, and more.

The students involved in the production of The Michigan Daily are contributing to their society by making a statement as to how important print newspapers are to society. They are also creating a unified society in Ann Arbor as everyone reads their paper and appreciates their work. Don’t disregard college print newspapers as they bring communities together. They help readers connect on common factors: their location, beliefs, society, hobbies, etc.

 Knowledge and Experience

Newspapers have been in the print industry for hundreds of years, leading to acquired knowledge and experience. College print newspapers understand their audience as they write for their peers. Additionally as they begin to serve their broader community they become a resource for more than the student body.

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