College Social Influencer: How To

College Social Influencer
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Students wonder what is the best way to be a college social influencer. In a day and age where people are perpetually connected through social media, personal branding is becoming increasingly significant. Social media accounts are becoming a reference point for people to understand who we are and the kind of life that we live.

To create and maintain a personal brand it is necessary to understand what this concept means. Similar to how businesses promote their brands, people use personal brands to promote themselves. It is the way you portray yourself on social media to differentiate yourself from others. It is the way you tell your story and showcase what you consider to be your most indispensable traits. A personal brand is not a choice. It exists whether you carefully curate it or let it form on its own from information about you on the internet. Considering we all have a personal brand, why not take the necessary steps to shape it to the way we wish to portray ourselves.

When working on your personal brand, it’s crucial to channel positivity in a way that allows you to manifest the best version of yourself. Remember that your social media, at least in the eyes of others, is a reflection of your personality, values and lifestyle. Your friends, peers, followers and even prospective employers will see your social media as extensions of you.

Here are the top 3 tips for a personal brand that will put you on a path to be a college social influencer:

Be Yourself!

This may seem evident, but authenticity is the most essential aspect in a personal brand. If you change who you are depending on who you’re with, your brand becomes inconsistent and others will notice. Everyone has a unique charm, so use this to your advantage.

Keep your social media accounts up to date

Delete any old accounts that you created when you were younger and no longer use. Decide which social media accounts you want to keep and update them to reflect your current life. Make sure the information on these sites is complete, consistent, appropriate and accurate. Managing social media becomes much more relevant in college and beyond.

Create & Share

Constantly create new content and make sure there’s consistency throughout all posts. This is especially important in sites like Instagram. Choosing one style of editing or one filter is an easy way to do it.

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