The Biggest Advantages of College Social Influencer Marketing

College Social Influencers
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One of the most effective ways to reach college students is through the use of social influencers, as no one is more well-versed in social media than college students. Social influencers promote a product or brand by making a post directly on their social media page, thereby reaching all of their followers. While they can exist on any social media platform, they are most common on Instagram, benefitting from its focus on photo and video content. Here are some of the biggest benefits of marketing with social influencers.

Less Pushy

Influencers offer a far more organic way to reach people than most traditional marketing methods. The people following an influencer have done so intentionally, and therefore want to see content from this person. Even when the content is clearly sponsored, users will usually still appreciate the post based on its aesthetic and personal touch.

Credible and Trusted

Because these influencers have an established following, many of whom have been following for a while, they are usually liked and trusted by their followers. Many of them may even be close friends of the influencer. For this reason, their recommendation carries more weight than a nameless person in a traditional advertisement. Many influencers are intentionally picky about what they will endorse, or will only endorse certain types of products, further building a strong level of trust between them and their followers.

Relatively inexpensive

In comparison to traditional advertising methods, social influencers are a relatively cheap investment. There is no official standard for social influencer pricing, and the cost can certainly be high if the influencer has a high enough following. However, aside from certain exceptions the cost of an influencer tends to be relatively cheap, and generally a good bang for your buck.

Diversifies/improves content

Creating new content to promote your product/brand with can be expensive, time consuming, and sometimes just generally difficult. Most influencers are ready and willing to create their own original posts promoting your product, in order to ensure it does not take away from their “aesthetic.” Not only does this free up time and money normally spent on content creation, it allows for the creation of entirely new, often very different, types of content that can continue being used for product promotion in the future.


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