College Spring Break 2021

College Spring Break 2021
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Spring Break 2021 at College

It comes as no surprise that colleges and universities across the country have canceled their spring breaks. They want to discourage students from traveling. Instead, colleges scheduled shorter breaks, or “wellness days,” during the middle of the week to impede travel away from campus. While many students and faculty understand the reasoning behind the cancellation, it has not come without drawbacks and retaliation. Today we will be discussing how the elimination of spring break has been impacting college students. Marketers should adjust marketing plans for college spring break 2021.

Cancellation Drawbacks

We conducted a poll on our Instagram story, asking whether their school has a 2021 spring break. 80% of respondents said they don’t have a spring this year, while only 20% said they still do. Even with universities granting students a few wellness days throughout the semester, mental health concerns have risen as the semester continues.

Many students utilize their spring break to rest and recover, not just for traveling and partying. According to an NBC News interview of student Mark Gaunin of San Diego State University, the spring break decision denies students a much-needed respite during a particularly trying time. Gaunin said, “it’s a rough semester,” in reference to months of class adjustments and avoiding the virus on campus. On top of the increased stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic, this spring break cancellation has not made things any easier for college students.


With the typical week-long spring vacation canceled and remote classes in full swing, many students have still decided to travel. They took their courses from a remote location. According to the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the Miami projected hotel occupancy for March is 72% capacity, and home shares are up by 27% from their 2019 pre-pandemic numbers. Why take remote classes on campus when you can take them next to a pool with palm trees in the background of your zoom?

Considering all of this, even with many spring breaks canceled, marketers should still be mindful of college students traveling amid this pandemic. Many students feel the pressure of school and the need to get away. Whether you are trying to reach students on campus or out-of-home, this notion of taking remote classes from anywhere is more promising for digital marketing tactics. This is especially true for social media.  College students will undoubtedly be documenting their travels through Instagram this spring.

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