College Student Ambassadors

College Student Ambassador
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Recruiting college student brand ambassadors to promote your product, service, or brand is the most direct way to reach college students on a trusted level. Regular marketing techniques, such as billboards, commercials, and in-store ads are not as effective on college students, making them a difficult market to effectively target. This is where brand ambassadors come in; by recruiting a college student (or students) to represent the brand on the ground, brands can gain trusted recognition within college students’ social bubble.

Social Media Influencers

Recruiting an effective brand ambassador requires some research into their social media presence. This is especially true when you plan on promoting through social media. The key is to ensure the ambassadors you’re recruiting not only have a significant following but also corresponding engagement. For example, a brand ambassador with 10,000 followers but only 500 likes on their photos is less valuable than a brand ambassador with 2,000 followers with 500 likes on their photos. Social media is a tool utilized daily (often for hours every day) by college students. It is an excellent channel of communication. However, the real advantage of a brand ambassador is that they already have a relationship with most of their following. Their followers already know them and trust their opinion. Therefore, they engage much more with a brand ambassador than they would a regular ad in their feed.

On-the-ground Knowledge

Companies, no matter how hard they try, can only do so much to keep up with the culture and insider knowledge of college campuses. As students come and go, they latch onto different trends that can be hard to understand from an outside perspective. Brand ambassadors alleviate this issue. There is so much about campus culture that only current students can understand. Brand ambassadors help bridge the gap between advertisers and these students. A good brand ambassador knows what will attract students’ interests in ways that are unique to their own campus culture.

Flyering, promotion, and more

College student ambassadors can do a lot more than post about a product or talk to their friends about an event; they can be on campus doing the legwork too. Brand ambassadors are a great way to do flyering on campus or hand out promotional materials. Students will be more inclined to take a flyer or product from a fellow student than they would from someone whom obviously doesn’t attend their school.

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