College Student Social Media

College Student Social Media
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Advertising to through social media is a great way to reach college students. Regardless of whether or not college students are on campus, they are constantly keeping up with their social
media presence. Whether they’re checking in with friends or looking to their favorite influencers to see the next big thing. Popular networks for college student social media include Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Targeting college students using these platforms is not only surprisingly easy but also yields great results.

Encourage students to share their experience

Engaging college students and creating a conversation around your brand should be one of the goals of advertising through social media. Creating a campaign where students are encouraged
to share their experiences is a great way to facilitate that. Specifically, starting hashtags, challenges, or photo opportunities.

Relate to them

Speak to college students in their voice. Bring humor and originality into your campaign whenever possible. Creating a cohesive brand image leads to an authentic brand, which is something that college students look out for.

Use Influencers

College Student social media influencers understand their audience, as it’s their job to relate to them. Additionally, many influencers, both micro and wide-scale, are college students. Who better to hire for a campaign than a college social media influencer whose followers value their opinion and more often than not, look up to them

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