College Students and Charitable Giving

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College students are not top of mind when thinking about giving back to the community. The stereotype of a broke college student obsessed with social media is one that is not completely true. Here are some more myths about college students that brands should know before marketing to them. The truth is that college students do care about things other than themselves and are willing and able to pitch in to charitable causes. According to the 2015 Millennial Impact Report, 84% of millennials made a charitable contribution in 2015. An article by BusinessConnect revealed insight to how the college student generation is changing the face of charitable giving.

  1. Students are always connected

College students spend as much, if not more, time engaged in the digital world than with the physical one. The presence of technology has permeated in everyday life, which means brands should be using both traditional and digital channels to market to this generation. It is crucial that your brand have a mobile-friendly and updated website, social media channels that are regular updated, and you know your way around online and mobile advertisements.

  1. They are always sharing information with others

Social media has transformed our culture into one of constantly sharing: Facebook status, tweets, and photos on Instagram. College students share and engage with everything online: their relationship status, photos of their food, memes and inspiring videos. What they share is a representation of who they are. Brands should provide their customers with photos, content and deals they want to share with others.

  1. They want to see the results behind charitable giving

A well-known institution used to just raise money based on its reputation. However, college students care more about the results of this charitable giving. They want to see where they are giving to and how it has impacted a certain cause or charity. Just because a business can raise a lot of money and claim they have philanthropic causes is not good enough: students want to see the results and impact of giving back to the community.

  1. They want to hear personal stories

Personal stories are also a great tactic to resonate with college students. Authenticity and transparency is an important aspect of what they are looking for in a brand. As much as they want to see the results of charitable giving, they want to know some personal stories behind the people or cause they are helping. For example, non-profit organization Pencils of Promise understands the power of sharing stories through posting videos of the children they help provide schools for.

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