College Students Holiday Season Shopping

College Students Holiday Shopping
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With the month of November approaching, consumers across the US will be making their lists and checking them twice in order to prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and rest of the December holiday madness. In 2019, the total amount of retail sales amounted to $730.2 billion just on holiday spending and in 2018, holiday e-commerce added up to $119.54 billion. With college students having their entire year shaken up, the holiday season looks to be the highlight of the semester. Whether they are learning remotely or able to be on campus, December is sure to bring a lot of cheer after such a difficult year.

Effect of COVID-19

This year, the pandemic will place a huge shift on holiday spending, sending the majority of shoppers online to make their purchases. The CBRE Retail Research predicts holiday e-commerce sales growth to increase to at least 40%. Retailers and advertisers should consider driving traffic to their on online sites. Experts predict online retailers like Amazon to be an even larger player in holiday shopping this year. In 2019, a poll revealed that 91% of internet users listed Amazon as their #1 platform for online Christmas shopping.

Social Media Marketing

In addition, companies can ramp up social media advertising this holiday season to grab the attention of college students. With features like Instagram shopping, users can make purchases directly through social media. Platforms such as Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter, or even Snapchat can be utilized to reach a large market of college students. New user-friendly features make the shopping process even easier. The ease and shareability of social media advertisements, can allow companies to have an incredible reach.

While the pandemic puts a new obstacle in the way of holiday shopping, now is the time to broaden your horizons. Think bigger than brick and mortar. When you cannot bring the consumers in store, bring them online.

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