College Students’ Holiday Shopping Outlook 2020

College Students' Holiday Shopping
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As we reach the end of October, we near the transition from mundane, school and work life, to the festivities of the Thanksgiving and holiday season. The end to this fall semester looks a little bit different this year.  Many students must stay home from Thanksgiving break until their return in 2021. COVID-19 altered college students’ holiday shopping routine. With the holiday season approaching, consumers nationwide will be scouring the web for the perfect presents for their loved ones. This puts advertisers in the perfect position.  Between the lack of the in-person holiday rush shopping and college students’ home and online, this creates the perfect opportunity for companies to dive into digital advertising.

Spread Holiday Cheer Through Peer-to-Peer Communications

One potential method to promote your company is through social influencers. College students want to hear about products from fellow students who they know and trust. Students will also likely be very active on social media from their homes as they attempt to stay connected to their campus community. These college influencers typically have high engagement rates. Additionally, they are directly in contact with the audience that you are looking for.

Strength of Digital Ads for College Holiday Shoppers

Another potential advertising opportunity is through online college newspapers. This semester, many college newspapers have gone online and are a great way for remote students to stay in touch with their schools. Students would be able to view them either on desktop or mobile. This allows them to access the newspaper from nearly anywhere. There are also a wide range of ad placements offered on the sites, so advertisers can select whatever they see best fits. The digital medium allows more versatility and flexibility, and the added feature of universal accessibility is a huge incentive for advertisers to direct their energy online in the coming months.

So, whether students are at home or at campus, digital advertising provides a great way to promote holiday shopping. COVID-19 may have changed the way we do our purchasing, but the season of giving remains.

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