College Students and Mobile

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If your brand isn’t on the mobile bandwagon, you may be quickly falling behind. Online advertising in the US has experienced consistent growth year after year, with a total of $10 billion more in 2015 than in 2014, according to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report. In 2015 alone, $21 billion was spent just on mobile advertising. This advertising channel has demonstrated that it has the largest room for growth and success in the future, with other channels still popular, but slowly declining.


Even if college consumers aren’t your critical customers, it is important to keep them in mind when making an advertising campaign. The increase in mobile ad spending is due to the fact of on the rise social media channels. College students grew up in an era where streaming videos on smartphones is common and normal, and admit that social media is one of their main sources of news. Mobile advertising to millennials should follow these three rules:

  1. Be authentic – stay true to your brand’s core values and don’t be something you’re not
  2. Be visual – show your brand in a creative and visual way that is engaging
  3. Be entertaining – create videos that pack the same powerful message without sound – most millennials mute sound when scrolling through newsfeed or on mobile phones. There are about10 million views a day on Snapchat, including personal and professional photos and videos.


Take the example of Salt Lake City-based company Clearlink. The company created a Snapchat filter for the city’s annual Pride Festival, and in less than three days, it has 6,500 users and 400,000 viewers– which reached almost twice the population of the city.

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