College Summer Program Advertising

College Summer Program Advertising
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Now that spring registration and finals week has come to a close, students will begin their search for summer plans. Whether it is a summer internship or summer classes, college students are looking for something productive to fill those few free months. This is a huge opportunity for colleges and universities to bring their own students back to campus. They can also bring in students from other campuses around the country or even the world. We explore both the message and methods effective for College Summer Program advertising.

Benefits of Summer Programs

Summer classes require far less commitment than choosing where to study full time, which makes attracting students far easier. If your school offers particularly interesting or more niche courses, students may be more compelled to commit to one summer with you. On the flipside, it is also important to highlight more general classes needed for university requirements. That way more local students will be attracted to get some of those credits out of the way. Make sure to feature both the availability of classes as well as the variety of classes. This attracts as many students as possible.

Depending on the state of the pandemic in the summer of 2021, schools may also want to capitalize on their location. Show off what the surrounding area has to offer. While summer study abroad programs may not be available next summer, the opportunity to study in a different part of the country could be an appealing opportunity. Whether your town has a summer festival or beautiful hiking areas, make sure to showcase not only your courses, but the experiences a student might have while taking classes at your school. While students look to be productive during the summertime, the promise of fun and adventure only sweetens the deal.

How to Promote College Summer Programs

Schools may also want to use student influencers at different schools to spread their message. They can speak of their own experiences as well. It is hard to envision an experience from just a schools’ website or maybe a short video, but if students are able to hear from others’ experiences, can ask questions, and even get recommendations, they will likely have a better idea of what their summer will look like and may be more likely to commit to your school. Students already rely on others’ accounts for professor recommendations, class recommendations, and housing recommendations. Therefore, they will likely be more than happy to hear about summer classes.

Other ways for effective college summer program advertising involves focusing on top feeder schools. Target schools where there was high enrollment in the past. Use digital and more traditional approaches focusing on those campuses. Make sure the message is seen or heard.  Building the next summer program class begins today.

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