College Welcome Week Advertising

College Welcome Week Advertising
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Welcome week is one of the most exciting experiences for college students.. They begin to acclimate to life away from home, learn to live on their own, and become responsible adults. Upper class students on the other hand are probably still trying new things, and developing their own unique identities. College Welcome Week advertising reaches these students at the start of the new school year.

Companies can make a strong initial impression during these events. By having first movers’ advantage, you can offer products and services before the competition. By hooking them into your brand you increase the chances of return purchases, since students are more likely to interact with your brand again if they’ve interacted with you face to face.

We’ve compiled a list of strategies to use during welcome week to maximize rate of return. These tips will build better relationships with the students.

Know Your Customers

Although college students might seem like a very specific niche to target to, the different stages of life experience, expectations and goals differ from a Freshman who just moved in into their dorm, and a Senior who is looking to land a job in the next coming months.

Freshmen want dorm décor from a domestic merchandise retailer. International students look to get a sim card so that they can contact their friends on the go. An upper classman might instead want to look for a credit card, so they can build credit as they enter the real world. They also maybe searching for an apartment to rent close to the city as they search for jobs.

Your team needs to have a very clear idea of what you are selling, and who exactly you are trying to sell to, so that you can have as many conversions as possible. This knowledge will help frame how to do college welcome week advertising for your product.

“Sell Me This Pen”

You can’t walk in into a college campus, hand free stuff and expect your audience to follow your brand. Nowadays, the average person only has an attention span of about 8 seconds, so it means you have 8 seconds to engage with your audience.

Help your customers out by making your message or call to action easy to understand. Differentiate your message through the crowds.

Capture their attention and line them up at your table/ten. Then you can more freely mention your call to action. They’ll be more compelled to download your app, or follow you on social media if they feel committed to getting the reward you promised first.

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