Colleges and Coronavirus

College and Coronavirus
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With the news about Colleges and Coronavirus, it is a good time to take a look at what media tactics an reach students remotely. College advertising campaigns do not need to shutdown during the Coronavirus outbreak. Instead media placements need to shift to options that can reach college students regardless of location.

Today’s college students spend a huge portion of their day using electronics. Whether they’re completing course work online or scrolling through social media, there’s a good chance most college students are glued to a screen. As such, digital advertising is an effective and easy way to reach these students.

Social Media

Building a social media presence is a key factor in developing a successful digital marketing strategy. Targeted ads across platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have the ability to reach college students everywhere. Social media is also a great platform for college brand ambassadors to spread messages and promote brand awareness!


Instead of hoping your ad reaches your target market, make sure of it! Programmatic advertising allows for highly targeted ads to reach audiences in real-time. These types of ads can easily run across multiple platforms and allow companies to optimize their reach. Programmatic advertising is a cost-effective strategy to run a successful digital marketing campaign.


An offshoot of Programmatic marketing, Mobile can target student phones based on them previously spending time on a campus. A college student’s phone ID links to a college campus based on time spent in certain areas. We can reach them at home or anywhere else they go.


Email Advertising is an inexpensive way to reach college students with targeted promotions. As college students receive a large portion of their assignment updates/ information from their schools through their emails, it’s often checked daily. Create an eye-catching, personalized ad to encourage students to check your brand out!

These tactics provide great ways to reach colleges during the summer, winter break, and summer break. Additionally in the cases of colleges and Coronavirus, they can be employed when students are forced off campus

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