Companies That Are Successfully Talking to College Students

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In order to successfully market to college students, it’s best to receive consumer support and loyalty. Often, word-of-mouth marketing can be the best way to gain consumer trust and expand the market. College students especially, will trust their friends’ advice when seeking out new brands. If a company can target younger generations, i.e. college students, they have a better chance of successfully utilizing word-of-mouth marketing. In today’s world, companies are constantly trying to create brand loyalty before their competitor gets ahead. Here are three ways that companies have tapped into the college student market.

Active Representatives

Red Bull is a company that has made its impact on college campuses by using brand ambassadors to spread the word about their products. On campuses across the country, Red Bull’s brand ambassadors are constantly promoting the brand. Whether they’re handing out free samples, gear, or advertising new events, Red Bull is constantly being brought up around campus. The goal is to have a consistent impact on campuses and make sure Red Bull is the first name that comes to mind when college students need an energy drink.

Free Food

It may seem too simple to be true, however, Insomnia Cookies has sky rocketed across college campuses because of their simple marketing techniques. Representatives around college campuses hand out free cookies in exchange for likes on social media platforms. By giving students a real-time incentive to like Insomnia social media posts, they’re making it very easy to spread the word. College students rarely say no to free food, which Insomnia has successfully taken advantage of.

Social Media Posting

PINK by Victoria’s Secret utilizes their brand ambassadors in order to have an impact on social media platforms. PINK’s influencers have meetings with marketing departments within the company to make sure they’re staying on top of their duties. This allows influencers to feel more involved in the company, which drives them to continue to post on social media. Instead of hiring brand ambassadors for a period of time, PINK has made their influencers feel a part of the community. The consistent social media posting from brand ambassadors spreads the PINK brand name all over different media platforms. This is how they continue to connect with college students and market successfully.

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