Connect Your Business to College Student Organizations

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Engaging your business in college marketing can be beneficial for both parties, but reaching this demographic is no easy feat. With the brand-new semester already starting up, now is the perfect time for brands to reach out to organizations to forge partnerships. Here are three easy ways to start a college marketing plan that connects businesses with student organizations to help establish a long-term relationship.


  1. Help them fundraise

Student organizations are likely to partner with companies or brands for mainly fundraising purposes. The best time to reach out to these groups is now – as new leaders are settling into their positions and clubs are starting to develop fundraising goals for the semester. Your brand will most likely work with one or two members of the group’s executive board, and the one potential challenge is then encouraging other members to participate. One solution is to provide incentives – either tangible or intangible to encourage members to attend. Work with the executive board to figure out what incentivizes members, as each club and organization is different.

  1. Help them get a job

Your goal should be to provide students with an opportunity, whether it is through building their resume, getting them an internship or full-time position, or offering advice. Some student organizations have hundreds of members, so reaching out to a large audience as a guest speaker may be the right move. Speak to the members about what is relevant to them with their club membership –networking, making friends, building a resume. Make sure to tie in your services or product and how it facilities their membership or daily life as a college student. Target organizations that are similar or would be interested in your brand or product. For example, pet store owners should reach out to pre-veterinarian or humane society organizations on campus.

  1. The go-to: provide food

The golden rule of college marketing is when in doubt, offer free food. If you want to make an organization really excited for your brand or product, buy pizza. Events advertising free food are more likely to have more attendees than those that don’t. Once you have grabbed their attention with free food, talk to the students and encourage them to reach out to continue the conversation.


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