Consuming Rather Than Perusing – How to Reach Your Audience

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Social medial advertising is the hot, new trend for marketers. This seems especially true for those targeting a younger audience. After all, a large portion of young people ages 18-24 have some type of smart phone.

While social media advertising can be effective, marketers must have an extremely compelling message to grab attention amidst all the noise. This is because users of social media are generally glancing at posts and socializing with friends, fans and followers. They are merely perusing these sites.

A better way to reach this audience may be to send them a message when they are consuming information rather than simply perusing. College newspaper advertising provides just such an opportunity.

82 percent of college students read their campus newspaper. By placing an advertisement in media they are consuming, you are sure to reach the your target audience.

On Campus Advertising has access to placements in nearly every university newspaper in the country. Contact us online, or call 617-523-9801 for more information regarding college campus marketing today.

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