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Although today’s emphasis is on everything mobile and online, the paper coupon is still a valuable asset to any marketing campaign. Since college students are always looking to get some bang for their buck and love a good deal, it is beneficial to include coupon advertising in your company’s marketing strategy. In order to maximize promotional efficiency and effectiveness, careful analysis of all the coupon methods is an important step. There is a variety of methods to consider when utilizing coupon advertising. Listed here are a few methods and how they meet different marketing goals.

Free standing inserts.

Marketers prefer the FSI (Free Standing Inserts) method to distribute paper coupons. According to theInmar 2014 Shopper Behavior Study, FSIs represent 89% of coupons distributed and accounted for 48% of coupons redeemed in 2013. FSIs are the most frequently used coupon type, and reach a large span of targets. Freestanding inserts can be a part of a larger marketing campaign such as themed events or promotions, and can be useful to introduce a new product as well. However, this method is not ideal for campaigns targeting specific demographics, as it reaches general audiences.

Direct mail.

Direct mail allows for advertising to be filtered down to specific target demographics. It is ideal when looking to engage in more one-on-one marketing with consumers and allows for personalization. It can also be useful to introduce new products, especially when a sample is included. For more information on product sampling, click here. Direct mail should be utilized with loyal customers who opt-in and is more difficult to execute when operating on a larger scale.

Magazine ads.

Magazines reach general target audiences and beyond due to passed readership to friends and peers. When it comes to food, beauty and technology products, they provide a relevant space to discuss the benefits of certain products. However, magazines are used to target large general demographics and do not provide much data for analysis on advertising effectiveness.

Newspaper ads.

Newspaper advertising in college newspapers is a great way to increase product awareness and advertising effectiveness on campus. Print ads allow for flexibility, control of timing, reaches a large audience of students, and is a great way to introduce new products to the college student demographic. Its limitations include control over print quantity, and access to analytical data.

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