Developing College Campus Marketing Strategies to fit the Student Pocketbook

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With college costs continuing on the rise year after year, it is a wonder that today’s college students have any money to spend on anything else.  Tuition and Room & Board post increases annually, irrespective of what the market or economy are doing.  This places a huge financial burden on the students of today and their families who likely are supporting them to some degree.

A recent study by the Department of Education revealed that over 65% of all undergraduate students are receiving some form of financial aid.  Truly an indicator of how expensive things have gotten.  No longer is the good old “college savings account” or fund enough!  A positive spin on the high number on all of the aid, is that it is allowing many more lower income families to get their children into college.

With such high college costs, and increasing financial aid, the majority of students in college just do not have much spare cash to spend.  For companies that want to market their products and services on campus, this means “in touch” advertising strategies that understand the limitations.  For sure, students still are buying food, beverages, books, supplies, and a wide range of other goods and services.  The trick for businesses is to develop marketing campaigns that promote savings, discounts, sales, and low prices.

The college student of today is most adept at finding ads online, SMS, in the campus newspaper, on bulletin boards and posters, in fliers, and all around campus.  If you are interested in developing an effective college campus marketing plan, contact OnCampus Advertising today.  Our Sales Representatives specialize in designing individual programs that will fit your business and products, and how to best promote them on today’s college campuses.

Remember, you are not only advertising to those enrolled in college now, but also to the future graduates entering the work force.  With a good plan, you can build a relationship that will last for a lifetime!  Contact us right away and let us help you get that relationship started.  It’s a great long-term investment you can not afford to miss!

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