Drive Sales from College Students with these Summer Marketing Strategies

summer marketing
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Summer can be a challenging season for businesses looking to target college students due to summer break. It usually means a slow down in sales from college campuses emptying out for vacation, which can cause some frustration. Here are a few ways to overcome the summer slump and get more from your summer marketing strategy.


  1. Switch it up from last year

Work with what you have and determine what worked and what didn’t. Focus on aspects like customer engagement, follow through and brand recall after events and sponsorship opportunities, and general customer feelings. If you aren’t building metrics into your strategy, it is time to start. Your brand can recycle strategies and campaigns that worked well, but it is equally important to focus on ways to keep it fresh and exciting for the new season.

  1. Try something new

Summer is a great time to test different marketing channels, branch outside the comfort zone and try something new. Because college students aren’t always on campus during the summer, branch out from specific locations of campuses to include a broader location, focusing on potential summer spots like the beach.

  1. Connect on and off-campus

There is a lot of community activity in the summertime, especially around college towns. Look into sports team sponsorships, reach out to clubs and student newspapers, reach out to concerts or summer events to get your name out there. Finding ways to connect on a more personal level can build solid relationships that will last well into the new school year.

  1. Focus on visual content

College students can be just as busy in the summer as they are during the school year, so don’t slack on trying to grab their attention now. A great way to do so is focusing more on visual content for your digital channels. Think snackable content with lots of images, gifs and video. Some examples include doing vlogs, uploading DIY or how-to videos, starting a podcast, or creating downloadable content that can be consumed offline (traveling, on the beach, etc).

  1. Pick a theme for your summer strategy

Get college students invested in your summer marketing strategy by picking a theme they want to follow. If you can pick a theme and tell a story around it using tactics and channels that build on each other throughout summer, you can create a forward momentum even at a slow time of year. Summer doesn’t have to be a slow time for business if you are proactive in creating a cohesive and engaging strategy.

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