The Most Effective Marketing Channels in 2017

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The most effective marketing channel in 2017 is expected to be brand websites, according to research from Ascend2. The December 2016 survey was based on data from 265 marketers (47% B2B, 35% B2C and 18% both B2B and B2C). Sixty-three percent of marketers say that brand websites are one of the most effective marketing channels to be included in the 2017 strategy. The second most important to include was email (53%) and the third most important channel is social media.


However, although these channels prove to be effective, they also prove difficult to execute. Survey respondents said that the most difficult marketing channels to execute were brand websites (40%), social media (40%) and organic search (39%).


However, despite the forecasts that suggest that some of these most effective channels prove difficult to succeed, 51% of respondents said that all of these channels are increasing in effectiveness over time.

Email and online video marketing are going to be making a big splash in 2017, according to another study by True Influence. The study collected information about online research data from marketers to analyze trends and rising interest in different marketing channels. In order to conduct the study, True Influence monitored the online activities of companies that agreed to participate for two years to have baseline results. Then, online activities were monitored in 30-day periods and compared to baseline levels to analyze the greatest increase of searches. Searches related to “email marketing” and “online video marketing” made up 78% of all intent signals captured. Intent signals are online activities such as web page visits, email opens and white paper downloads. Interest and popularity of email marketing alone generated over 90,000 unique domains and over 5 million intent signals.

Brand website, email and social media channels are becoming increasingly more important this year. Due to increased and significant pressure to reach the right audience with a limited budget, it is no wonder these channels are getting more attention this year.

“It’s never been more essential to nail the right combination of tactics that delivers the most dependable and tangible ROI,” True Influence researchers wrote.

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