Email Marketing, DVRs, and College Students

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Digital video recording devices, also known as DVRs, are one of the most beneficial inventions for people that value watching television at their convenience. No longer do people have to schedule their days based on the time that their favorite television show is being aired, as DVR allows viewers to record television shows and watch them at a later date. iMediaConnection recently analyzed the similarities between these DVR devices and one of our favorite media platforms, email marketing.

Although email was not always a popular phenomenon, it is currently one of the top used forms of communication and is used by almost every demographic, with an emphasis on the college student demographic. While the rise of email use has been beneficial in regards to ease of communication, now when users log in to their email accounts, they will most likely find an inbox full of emails waiting to be read. Because of this, if an email campaign is executed without following rules that will increase its readership potential, it will most likely be unsuccessful.

Just like with DVR, an email user may see your email, but they have option to view it at a later date. Depending on the urgency of your message, this can be either beneficial or harmful to your business. For example, if you are promoting a next day event, you may want to consider using another form of media. The trend of saving emails to read at a later date is mostly seen within younger crowds, which can be attributed to being in classes when the emails are first seen. If your brand needs urgent consideration, then it is recommended to use a different form of media, but if it can wait, email marketing is perfect for you.

iMediaConnection lists three examples of instances where an email was neither opened nor deleted upon its delivery:

See it, remember it, and return later to open

Many times, subscribers may open an email, leave it in their inbox, and then return to it a few days later. Because the message is still being read, there is really no downside to this, unless you are sending something that requires immediate attention. However, if you do require pressing action, there are still certain techniques that can help to ensure that your message is being read. If you are sending something such as a next day offer, it is crucial to make sure that you clearly state that in the subject line. This way, the readers are more inclined to open your email right away.

See it, remember it, search Google for it

In many instances, after an email blast has been delivered, we see an increase in online searching for the brand or company. Some people prefer searching for a company on google once seeing their email, as opposed to actually taking the time to read through it. Without the email, the customer would likely never have known to search for the company, therefore decreasing the chance of customer engagement. This is why it is important to remember that an adequate email budget is necessary if you wish to successfully engage your target customers via search engines.

See it, drop it in a folder, retrieve later

It is also common for someone to move an email into a separate folder and return to it later when it requires reading. For example, a student may receive instructions from a professor about a final paper that is not due until the end of the semester. The student may open the email and start working on the final paper, but more often than not they will move it into some sort of school related folder, and then return to it when the due date approaches.

So, what is the solution to all three of these instances? iMediaConnection suggests making your subject line compelling enough that the reader won’t want to wait to open the email. They also suggest making the content of your last email so compelling that the reader wants to immediately read any and all other emails from you.

If utilized correctly email marketing can be extremely successful among many demographics, especially in the college demographic.  Because of the possibility of a time lapse between delivery of a message and readership of the email, we suggest creating a 360 degree campaign by pairing email marketing with other mediums, such as online, print, mobile, out of home, or flyer distribution. OnCampus Advertising specializes in creating multi-facet campaigns that pair email marketing with other marketing platforms to ensure that you successfully engage your target audience.

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