Email Marketing is Still a Powerful Tool for Reaching College Students

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With the abundance of new platforms for marketers to utilize, such as mobile, IP and online advertising, it is important not to forget about the older marketing tools, such as direct mailing campaigns. While it may not be fresh and flashy, email marketing to current and prospective students is still a powerful advertising tool. However, creating a successful email campaign does require the right strategy. Here at OnCampus Advertising we can help you create the perfect direct email campaign to reach current and prospective college students all over the country.

Here are some tips to help you create the most successful email marketing campaign possible:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience: As with any campaign you want to make sure your message is reaching the right people and not wasting your time; it is vital to reach out to people for whom the message is irrelevant. Whether that demographic you are looking for is based on gender, race, age, location, or numerous other factors, we can help you find the most appropriate audience for your campaign.
  2. Create an Engaging, Concise Subject Line: The subject line of your email is going to determine whether the students open your mail message or immediately throw it in their spam folder. That is why you need a short five to eight word subject line including the most important information you are trying to convey, or something eye catching which will engage the audience and have them open up your email. You want your audience to feel the need to open your email up when it first hits their inbox.
  3. Time it Correctly: Timing is everything. On Fridays students are too excited about the weekend to read their emails, and on Mondays many people are playing catch up with the emails they neglected over the weekend. Therefore it is believed that the best time to send out email blasts are mid-morning on Tuesday and Wednesdays. It is also important to send the emails during lull periods and avoid busy seasons such as around the holidays and major events such as the elections or the Super Bowl, where people are too preoccupied to read their email. Sending your email at the right time can determine how many people receive your message.
  4. Repetition: Sending out multiple email blasts will impact the effectiveness of your campaign there are several advantages of multiple repetitions which include hitting those students who may have glanced over the first email, or people who purposefully neglected the first email might be more inclined to open the second email they see for the campaign. Either way repetition of emails cannot hurt your campaign, it only increases the amount of impressions for your target audience to receive and react to.

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