Email Marketing Lessons from the Big Brands: Part 2

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We can all learn something from big name brands when it comes to email marketing. According to the Radicati Group, 269 billion emails are sent every day, and projected to increase by 19% over the next three years. Here are the final three valuable lessons we can learn from big brands about email marketing. For more email marketing lessons, click here.

  1. Kenneth Cole: Send them gentle reminders

kenneth cole

Consumers aren’t fond of being sold to, but they love to buy things. Retargeting ads constantly follow users around when they see something they like, but don’t buy it.  Sometimes it can be quite annoying to have a retargeted ad following your Internet search for a week. Kenneth Cole uses retargeting in a more advanced and effective way. There is a sense of urgency to buy, but it is not aggressive or pressuring to buy right away.

2. Topshop: Make them feel special


Everyone loves birthday wishes, and smart marketers are no different.

Experian, a credit report agency, spent a month auditing fifty brands, and discovered that a birthday message outperformed other marketing emails at almost every metric. The transaction rate was 481% higher. Technology and metrics allow even the smallest shop with a handful of employees to perform this.

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