Email Marketing Trends for 2017

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Keeping up with the latest email marketing trends is an important way to communicate with your consumers and take your business to a whole new level of engagement. One of the biggest benefits to email marketing is its ability to build a solid customer base and establishes customer loyalty. Here are a few of the most-buzzed about email marketing trends for 2017:


  1. Mobile-friendly emails will gain even more popularity

There is no denying the fact that mobile-friendly emails will be an important piece of developing a marketing campaign. The days of checking emails on desktops have been supplanted with the era of smartphones, tablets and laptops being the primary tech products. It is important to convert all of your physical design aspects towards a more mobile-friendly standpoint.

  1. Content will determine the success or failure of a campaign

Email content should be short and to the point and have a call to action above the fold of the email. Before launching your email, it is also important to send relevant and targeted emails to the segments of your audience you want to target. If it is not relevant or timely, there is a high chance it will yield low click-through and open rates.

  1. Video content and email marketing will go hand in hand

More and more businesses are testing incorporating video content into emails they send to their most valued customers. Incorporating or having links to video content is a fresh new way to engage customers with emails.

  1. Personalized and targeted emails will replace traditional emails

It is important to steer away from less-targeted mass emails to sending more personalized emails – such as product recommendations based on previous purchases.  If a customer does not feel like the email is tailored to him or her, they will be less likely to interact with the email. Through personalized emails, it shows that your brand cares about each customer’s specific cares, interests and preferences.

  1. Animated emails will become more mainstream

The popularity of having animated content in emails has increased over the past few years. Animated attributes in emails grab the attention of readers and result in higher user engagement.

These trends will assist in the success of your business’ email marketing strategy and campaigns. Contact us at OnCampus Advertising to start your email marketing campaign to college students today.

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