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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Generation Y is considered to be a vital demographic by almost every brand. In 2014, millennials started to have the most purchasing power that they ever had. In order for brands to keep up and remain relevant, they must maintain millennial interest through strategic campaigns and new innovations within a variety of mediums. The social aspect of millennial advertising seems to be one of the most important. Here are some tips on how to successfully incorporate the social aspect into your campaign.

  • Social Media Paradigm Shift
    With our technologically evolving times, it is more common than not for employers and marketers to utilize social media profiles as a way to learn about potential clients and employees. Online privacy is changing; instead of being afraid to share information online, focus on sharing information that highlights your personal brand or commercial brand and reap the benefits.
  • Social Ads Are Replacing Banner Ads
    Social advertisements are taking the millennial marketing world by storm. Unlike stagnant, boring banner ads social ads are able to provide a concise description of the product or service being promoted all while included in the users news feed. Social ads receive much more attention and clicks than banner ads. Instead of feeling like forced advertisements, social ads grab the attention of their target audience.
  • Pictures Speak Louder Than Words
    Instagram is an extremely popular social media outlet for millennials due to its creative and visual aspects. Millennials value brands that allow them to express themselves and be creative. Use outlets like Instagram to help engage consumers.


  • More Mobile
    Millennials are giving mobile marketing a whole new name. According to InsightExpress, two out of every five millennials admit that they feel anxious without their smartphones. With the widespread use of technology and social media, it is vital for every platform to be optimized for mobile use. Millennials are a tough generation to keep track of; this is because they are always on the go and they do not plan to slow down anytime soon. The relationship between mobile use and brand engagement will only continue to grow as time goes on.

OnCampus Advertising can help kick start your next successful social media campaign. With our access to IP and mobile addresses, millennials will be sure to see and engage with your next social ad.

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