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In the August 2012 issued of its magazine, Direct Marketing News reported that marketing efforts targeting millennials must be engaging and entertaining to be effective.

HBO is a company that is taking this seriously by developing grassroots marketing campaigns for advertising to college students. HBO has even hired college juniors and seniors to create social media buzz around company events. They currently employ 47 “college campus agents” at 20 different universities.

Zach Harris, senior marketing manager Mountain Dew, stressed the importance of staying relevant in the college student market when he said, “It’s important to stay top-of-mind because if we’re not, someone else will be.”

The advertising market for millennials can be over saturated due to their exposure to all types of media. It’s important to reach college students in ways that will grab their attention.

OnCampus Advertising has years of expertise targeting millennial college students. Contact us at617-523-9801 or visit us online and let us help you determine what about your product will resonate with this market and how best to reach them.

We have solutions for college campus marketing that include a variety of channels like college newspaper advertising; out-of-home displays via bus shelters, kiosks and billboards; online ads placed on college newspaper websites; direct marketing through email and postal service; and promotional marketing with event sponsorship and samples.There is even an opportunity for unique guerilla marketing using techniques such as sidewalk chalking, wild postings, street teams and mobile billboards.

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