Entertainment is What Millennials Want From Brands

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The best way to get through to millennials through social media is to entertain them, according to digital marketing and millennial-specialist agency Moosylvania, from Marketing Daily. Brands that provide either some sort of entertainment, build anticipation, or give any other have a higher chance of being shared on social media than those than just give news or information.

“Having fun with consumers is what really works,” said Norty Cohen, Moosylvania’s CEO. After coming up with three years of research, they discovered that the brands Apple, Nike, Samsung, and Microsoft were the ones highly regarded among millennials. These brands were able to trigger three emotions (joy, trust and anticipation), which boosted their standing among the demographic. The agency did a survey and discovered that 30% of millennials said they would share branded content on social media if they were entertained by it. This social media sharing is important, because it allows friends of friends to get to know and recognize the brand.

However, this only works to a certain extent because millennials surveyed said they only want 10% of sponsored and branded content on their social media feeds. One way to get around this is to make your consumers co-sponsors of your brand by allowing them to make their own content and share it with others. Even if a brand doesn’t have much interesting or funny content to come up with, it can borrow from entertaining sources by creating contests, games or other valuable content.

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