Five Email Marketing Trends to Look For in 2018

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Email marketing was at its peak in 2017. According to the Radicati Group, over 3.7 billion people use email around the globe as of January 2017, with expected growth in the next year to be 3%. The email marketing platform is only becoming a stronger and more powerful tool for marketers. 59% of marketers chose email as the most effective platform for generating the highest revenue. Here are some predictions on some email marketing trends for the 2018 year.


  1. Interactive emails

Making emails fun to read and interactive to the subscriber is a great way to increase engagement and open rates. According to a poll by Litmus, over 27% of marketers believe interactive emails make a big impact on email marketing. Consumers enjoy interacting with image galleries, sliders, buttons, quizzes, search bars, and surveys. Additionally, there will be add to cart buttons and polls for future promotional emails.

  1. Increase of targeted segmentation

Sending more effective email campaigns requires list segmentation to ensure your message is relevant to a specific targeted audience. List segmentation helps businesses achieve over 14% higher email opens and 100.95% clicks. However, most small businesses are not utilizing segmentation. In 2018, marketers will collect more data to create better email campaigns that allow for retargeting.

  1. Artificial intelligence empowered marketing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are the future. While many tech firms are already investing money into developing these technologies to make our lives easier. Adobe is one of the companies that have already invested in AI-powered email marketing. The campaign already incorporates impressive features such as its ability to suggest the best subject line for an email. Adobe also plans to use AI to also suggest the best images to use in a promotional email.

  1. Plain-text emails

Creating high-quality email templates with HTML and multiple images used to be a trend. Plain text emails are now proven to be more effective than HTML emails, as they yield higher deliverability, open, and engagement rates. Plain text emails also render the same across multiple devices and seem more personal. Plain text emails do not have to be opened in a browser just to read the email.

  1. Mobile first

Fifty-four percent of emails are now opened on mobile devices. This platform has been overtaking desktop devices for a few years now. Responsive mobile design will no longer be “nice to have”, it will be a “must-have”. Email subscription forms will also be more mobile-friendly as well. Since most mobile visitors arrive at websites from online articles instead of a homepage, more articles will now have email sign up forms at the bottom to increase conversions.

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