Flyering on Campus

Flyering on Campus
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Campuses are the perfect location for promotional flyering due to the high foot traffic and eager population of students. A brand can run a successful promotion for almost any type of product, company, or event by flyering on campus; in fact, you do not have to be limited to flyers because brand ambassadors can hand out almost anything to college students. No matter the goal, effective flyering can be accomplished on most campuses.

Traditional Flyering

Brand ambassadors handing out informational flyers on campus to students is a classic and reliable way to raise brand awareness. Flyers can promote an event or service. Designing flyers also allows for a brand to be in complete creative control. An eye-catching or funny flyer attracts a lot of attention. Furthermore, brand ambassadors can be equipped with talking points and be a trusted resource amongst other students to provide more information about their flyering subject. The possibilities are endless even for something so simple.

Product Sampling

College students love free stuff, making them an easy demographic to distribute products to. Whether you want students to try out a new snack or dishwand, handing them out for free on campus is a promising way to gain recognition on campus. Students are always jumping to try out free things. Samples get students excited about a product and creates positive representation for the brand as well.

Gift Card Distribution

Gift cards bring customers into stores. Old or new consumers of the brand appreciate the discounts. Flyering on campus with gift cards gives the opportunity to cast a wide net of potential customers that will definitely want to spend their new gift card, and hopefully much more in store. Even small amounts can be enough to bring in customers, especially depending on the product being promoted. For example, $5 is more than enough to bring in customers to a coffee shop and promotes a very positive image for the brand.

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