Focusing Advertising Campaigns on Incoming College Students

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According to recent studies and news reports, the trend of graduating high school seniors entering college has been upward, and continues to improve each year.  For businesses focusing on the college campus market, this trend is great news.  It means that the target group is growing, and larger numbers of incoming students means more potential customers.

Capturing the New Student Market!

The Freshmen Market is a key one in that it is the ideal time to begin developing that business relationship.  This group is newly on their own, hard driven to observe and learn, and anxious to get started in the big world.  Not only are they busy stocking up on all of the supplies, equipment, furnishings, and decorations they will likely keep throughout their collegiate careers, but they are also building new relationships with food, beverage, and entertainment vendors and establishments.  They are ready, willing, and able to check out your products!

In addition to addressing the incoming Freshmen when they get to campus, some great possibilities exist with the high school seniors out touring the various college campuses.  Ad campaigns that include things like promotional items, informational handouts, and location maps can all alert the prospective collegians to your product, goods, or services.

Advertising campaigns utilizing email, direct mail, text messages, college newspapers, online banner advertisements, give-aways, and many other connection means are sure to attract plenty of attention with the new college students.  OnCampus Advertising specializes in helping companies develop an advertising strategy that will effectively promote their products.

Besides direct marketing strategies, you should also plan to be a part of Orientation College Newspaper Editions, Touring promotions, sponsoring freshman programs and welcome events, and making that great first impression with large numbers of new students all at once!

To learn more about connecting with the college new-comers and wanna-bes, contact us today, and let us help you get started.  The junior and senior high school students will be making the rounds this Spring, followed by Orientations, and Fall Semesters, so don’t delay.  As they say, time is money!

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