For Teens, Snapchat Is More Popular than Instagram

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Snapchat is now teenagers’ app of choice, according to a recent survey by investment bank Piper Jaffrey. In fall 2015, 33% of 6,500 US teens surveyed said that they considered Instagram their top priority of mobile applications. Now, that number has decreased to 27%. Meanwhile, last year 19% of students said they considered Snapchat their most popular app, and today that number has increased to 28%, out beating Instagram. Twitter is continuing to decline in popularity, while Facebook is still high in the rankings.



Facebook recently attempted to mirror Snapchat’s features after realizing the app’s rising popularity by introducing visual codes, the ability to draw on photos and is in the midst of planning on introducing animated filters. However, Facebook (the owner of Instagram) has recently announced that it plans to show Instagram’s photos in algorithmic ranking (like how Facebook shows timelines) over Instagram’s current chronological feed.

Instagram is widely used across a larger audience of 500 million users, while Snapchat has 100 million users. However, Snapchat has jumped in popularity with millennials and teenagers – with the introduction of customer-submitted geofilters and Live Snapchat stories. Here is a chart that illustrates Snapchat’s jump in popularity:


survy-2When marketing to teenagers, it is important to integrate your brand on platforms they are already using. Snapchat is a perfect way for your brand to communicate with your consumers in a fun and friendly way that is tech friendly.

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