The Future of College Out of Home Advertising

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Out of home advertising is a channel that can deliver high reach and relevance to college students as they go their separate ways for the summer. Once a traditional media outlet, the channel now has a bright, lucrative and effective future ahead of them. Here are some predictable trends about the future of out of home advertising. An IPA study conducted by Les Binet and Peter Field discusses how importance of reach and time spent with a medium are key drivers of effectiveness. Out of home continues to deliver over 90% reach and over three hours spent in its company every day, solidifying the channel’s importance and resilience in the media landscape. Additionally, since the introduction of digital out of home, the effectiveness of the channel has almost doubled. Here are some important reasons why out of home advertising is here to stay for marketing to college students.


  1. Out of home with a speedier delivery

A significant development will be the delivery of more scaled, automated trading, similar to print advertising. For advertisers, one benefit to look forward to is speed. Planning and buying traditionally occurred months before live dates with the exact sites selected, negotiated and transacted upfront. Now, channel investment can be more flexible with some campaign parts confirmed days before the live date, similar to placing an ad in a college student newspaper.

  1. More flexible, dynamic and effective content

The connection between out of home advertising products will see more dynamic content and ad-serving to optimize creative delivery. Messaging content will reflect more about what college students are thinking, feeling and doing at specific moments, in specific places. Research shows that dynamic digital OOH serving more contextually relevant messages increases advertising awareness by 18%. Additionally, ad-serving relevant content increases the effectiveness of a campaign by at least 15%.

  1. Debut of new OOH products

New products for OOH will include Wi-Fi enabled Inlink units, Clear Channel’s smart payphone project, JCDecaux’s continued screen investment, and Exterion’s full-motion underground cross-track screens. All of these will support more cross-channel convergence with different media channels, primarily mobile. Thus, resulting in a more seamless and effective media campaigns for the advertiser and better experience for the consumer.


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