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In order to get your brand adopted by the college market, you first need to get your brand in front of the college market!  How and where is the best way to do that?  Well, the college-aged demographic is especially fond of going to social events, whether it’s a big football game, a music festival, or simply an on-campus gathering.  At these occasions, it’d be rare to not to see some sort of brand promotion going on.  In most cases, the successful brands utilize a multi-faceted approach including brand ambassadors and giveaways to help inform the public of new or existing product offerings.

All college kids have one weakness in common: free stuff.  It doesn’t really matter what is being promoted, as long as it’s at no cost to them.  However, what the majority of marketers don’t realize is how carefully calculated these giveaways need to be in order to yield successful results.  To get the most bang for your buck, trade these small promotional samples for contact information.  That way, you’ll have tons of qualified names and email addresses to market to for your next product release.  If the event you’re planning on promoting at is in a high traffic area, and you worry people will be too rushed to put down their contact information, hope is not lost!  Just getting your brand in front of college kids will go a long way in increasing their lifetime value to your company.

The most successful brands know that giving samples away is incredibly profitable in the long term.  If you can get a new or existing product in the hands of your target customer, it will be incredibly beneficial in solidifying your product or service as a choice the next time they’re in the market.  By knowing what the college demographic is into, and how to start the conversation with them, results are surprisingly positive in their brand adoption of your quality product.  College kids respond well to friendly, trustworthy, and generous brands, and strategically placing a booth at the next local event will be the perfect opportunity to prove to them that you’re all three!

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