Good College Student Social Influencer

College Student Social Influencer
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What Makes a Good College Student Social Influencer?

There is no doubt of the impact a good influencer can have on a brand. A college student social influencer can grant products and services extensive exposure, especially within the target market. But what specifically makes a good Instagram influencer? There are many qualities of Instagram influencers that brands look for, but not every influencer may have every quality desired. Today we will be focusing specifically on the importance of the likability, engagement, and authenticity of an Instagram influencer.

Likability and Engagement

Instagram influencers may have thousands of followers. But if they don’t get a large number of likes or overall engagement on their posts, the number of followers ultimately becomes irrelevant. The likability and engagement of influencers are two of the most important characteristics of a good influencer.

In terms of likability, an influencer who makes an effort to create a positive reputation for themselves amongst all of their followers is likely to do the same for a brand. Whereas influencers who alienate segments of their audience and only target specific segments are not going to come across as likable amongst their followers. This does will not lead to much success.

In terms of engagement, a good influencer will actively engage with their audience and other users on social media to further garner engagement on their page. An influencer who takes the time to talk to people and keeps a consistent posting schedule will ultimately get those people talking about a brand, product, or service.


Last but not least, a good college student social influencer will always be authentic and never fake with their audience. When an influencer is genuine, they establish trust with their followers, which is crucial for advertising in general. Trust leads to a higher chance that if an influencer says they should check something out, their followers will, in fact, check it out. If an influencer is only ever inauthentic and surface level with their followers, followers will begin to associate that with the brand the influencer is promoting.

Considering these three qualities, we have built a network of Instagram influencers we believe to be successful, compelling influencers. We are always prepared to support an influencer in their efforts to promote a brand, product, or service. Finding a good college student influencer can help your brand achieve success.

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