Out of Home Advertising Boosts Market Share by a Third

Out-of-Home Advertising to College Students
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Out of home advertising has seen growth for the seventh year in a row, proving it is an effective media channel to engage consumers. However, not all brands are willing to incorporate this media channel in their advertising campaigns. A new report by Rapport analyst Peter Field discovered that using out of home in advertising campaigns increases market share growth by 36%. The channel also boosts profit growth by 20% and attracts 15% more new customers compared to campaigns without out of home. The report, commissioned by Rapport and in association with the IPA, analyzed 147 case studies of effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Specific campaigns that invested at least 15% of their budget on OOH – coined “power users” – were compared with those that did not use the medium.


The findings also discovered:


  • Power users had significantly higher positive brand perceptions than non-users, boosting esteem by 41% and fame by 32%. Esteem can be defined as building a customer’s belief in the perceived quality of the brand. The fame metric proves relevant as a key driver of profitability in the long-term, as fame creates a lasting mark on popular brands.
  • Out of home is an extremely versatile media channel. Power users drive higher activation effects in the customer. A significant spike in sales of 47% was reported by power users versus non-users.
  • Out of home also works well with online and mobile search and social media. Adding OOH power-users boosted their effect of search by 54% and social media by 20%.


“The IPA data supports Rapport’s research, revealing clearly the value of OOH and how it works best: by adding stature and fame to campaigns. In today’s highly crowded media environment, the impact on consumer brand memory structures is important and valuable,” remarked Peter Field about the study.


For companies looking to target college students, these statistics prove out of home advertising is an effective channel to improve brand perception, reinforce co-existing media channels, and drive sales. For more information on starting an out of home advertising campaign for college students, contact us at OnCampus Advertising.

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