How College Brand Ambassadors Can Enhance Your Brand

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Most brands looking to target college students have found that incorporating brand ambassadors are a crucial part to their marketing strategy. However, only a certain amount of brands have managed to get involved in college students’ daily lives in a creative and non-intrusive way. These companies have succeeded in doing this by paying attention to what their consumers are thinking and establishing a trustful relationship with them.

Brand ambassadors can be described as walking and talking personification of your brand. Although it may seem like college students do not have that much of a disposable income, they are willing to shell out money on products they value. Nation Wide computed the numbers to discover college students spend about $1,200 per month, with over 40% going towards discretionary products such as clothing, technology, and food.

According to Uber, brand reps receive “hands on experience growing the brand on campus and in the community.” However, the benefits aren’t just one sided – brand ambassadors often receive free or discounted products and/or paid compensation. For smaller brands, it may be difficult to attract college brand ambassadors if you are unable to pay them. However, there are plenty of other ways to inspire students to want to join your brand. For example, Stylistics, a fashion social networking website, draws in brand ambassadors to make a close community of consumers who can help make their products give off an aura of coolness. Instead of offering a salary, the brand offers opportunities to meet new people, organize meetings with top fashion executives, and write esteemed letters of recommendation.

There are many different ways brand ambassadors can facilitate marketing on campus. From having reps hand out samples of products on high-traffic areas of campus to posting videos online of their experience with the brand, the possibilities are endless. If the ambassadors have the opportunity to interact with their peers freely in their natural campus environment, the marketing will not turn off consumers. The simplest way to have brand ambassadors market to their peers? Simple conversation. Having the ambassadors mention your brand or product in natural conversation will peak their interest in your brand.

The data results of utilizing brand ambassadors have proven that they are a worthy tool in marketing to college students. Google helped make its big break as a top tech company with its well-established campus ambassador Google Pizza Program. Nestle campus representatives engaged over 85,000 students across 20 campuses that resulted in brand awareness, purchase intent, and loyalty. Reaching college students early on additionally promotes brand loyalty.

For more information on how to start a college ambassador program, contact us at OnCampus Advertising.

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