How to Advertise on Campuses

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  • Print – Advertising in campus newspapers is a classic way to reach college aged students. The majority of college campuses around the country have widely-read publications, with plenty of space for diverse and varied methods of advertising; including placing different print ads throughout the newspaper, or inserting pre-printed flyers and coupons into each paper.
  • Online – Many college newspapers have begun publishing online as well. This allows for students past, present and future to stay up to date on what is happening on their campus. Placing banner ads on these websites allows for a wide array of impressions for your brand.
  • Mobile – These days, college aged students live on their mobile devices, which makes mobile marketing a perfect way to reach this demographic. Using behavioral context and location based targeting, advertisements such as banner ads can be sent to these different devices on many college campuses across the country.
  • Out Of Home – Out of home advertising is a diverse medium which can be seen by many different students and visitors on college campuses. There are many different options for out of home advertising including billboards, bus shelters, transit posters, campus kiosks, newspaper stands and more.
  • Postering – Most college students stop by and peruse the bulletin boards on their way to class to see the upcoming events on campus. Placing posters on college bulletin boards and other places on campus is a solid way to advertise to students. This technique can be done using traditional posters or wall clings, which allows a guerilla marketing campaign to occur all over campus.
  • Brand Ambassadors – College students tend to trust the recommendations and suggestions from their friends and classmates above all else. They also love free stuff aka SWAG. One of the best, most direct ways to advertise to college students is by using brand ambassadors. This entails having students at a university working as ambassadors for your company; passing out fliers, or SWAG around campus to get your brand name out there.
  • Direct Marketing – Essentially all college students email addresses affiliated with their university, and many on-campus students also have campus mailboxes. These allow for specific locations to directly send physical mail or email messages, information, and promotions for your company to a large amount of college students in a short amount of time.

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