How To Engage Millennials With Content Marketing

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Millennials consume content across a multitude of mediums and platforms. Millennials have access to 7.1 devices on a regular basis and visit 5 different sites to watch video online. This technology driven generation members have brains that are built to multitask. They expect more emotional payout and look for a more rewarding digital life. Yahoo and Tumblr paired up with Razorfish and Digitas and released Content Marketing: Best Practices Among Millennials. Here are some of their findings.


Content marketing is an extremely effective way to market to millennials because of their proven consumption patterns and likelihood to share any and all types of content. Here are some tips to help grab this target audience.

Five Strategic Principles

  • Be native, not deceptive
  • Show individuality, and be ready to evolve
  • Trigger emption (humor is king)
  • Reserve Judgment
  • Be relatable, blend in with the “locals”

Six Successful Content Tactics

  • Create the atmosphere
  • Help them escape from their reality
  • Fuel creativity and playfulness
  • Include and relate to pop culture
  • Help them succeed
  • Encourage them to discover

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