How to Gain Brand Loyalty From Millennials

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Once your brand learns how to successfully market and capture the attention of millennial college students (click here for more information), the next step is to solidify consumers’ loyalty to your brand. Millennials can be a difficult group to market to, as they are more complicated than generations previous and their behaviors stray from the expected. Millennials are comprised of the 21.6 million students in college today, and they wield an immense buying power that is only growing. By 2017, millennials will have more spending power than any other generation. Obtaining their loyalty is essential to becoming a successful and well-reputed brand.

Here are some helpful tips to know in order to help your brand gain loyalty among the millennial generation:

College students spend more than you think.

They spend the majority of their money on food ($50 billion), cars ($32 billion), clothing ($19 billion) and technology ($15 billion), according to an infographic by El Toro. Brands in these industries already are in the eyesight of millennials, while brands outside these industries will have to adopt creative marketing techniques to grab their attention.

Millennials still gravitate towards print newspapers.

Because millennials spend 75% of their time behind the screen of smartphones and computers, it is easy to assume businesses can only reach them digitally.  However, studies found that students are still loyal to and trust their local and college newspapers. Fifty-six percent of college students read newspapers, both print and online, during the course of an average week. Millennials connect with newspaper media because they believe it is trustworthy and its staff and writers have the public’s best interest in mind, according to an infographic conducted by NetNewsCheck. Print advertising is a key component to marketing strategies because 68% of readers react to print advertisements.

Understand their beliefs and values.

Millennials are expressive, confident and open to change. Yet although they are open-minded, they are by nature carefully skeptical in what they choose to invest their time and money in, and say “you can’t be too careful” when it comes to trusting people, according to a report by PewResearchCenter. However, businesses that can break these trust barriers and engage them in their brand will find that millennials are a caring consumer. They are searching for products that will facilitate daily activities or provide them with a sense of belonging.

Engagement is key to grabbing their attention.

Create an environment either online or offline to express what your brand is about and how it connects with the ideals and desires of the millennial generation. Communicate with consumers by asking neutral and open-ended questions that encourages different opinions and discussions to flow naturally, instead of asking questions that sets up for negative comments. Engage them in what makes your brand unique and worth following to obtain loyalty.

Connect with them by showing relevance to their lifestyle.

Establish a connection to their individual lifestyle. Research into the magazines they read and what websites they visit to connect with them in their domain. Emphasize how your product provides an experience that they can’t live without. Connect with them online, and make them feel good about investing their money in your brand.

Here at OnCampus Advertising, we can help your brand obtain the loyalty of millennials by supplying your print and advertising needs.

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