How To Get College Students To Market For You


When you are marketing your product to college students, optimizing and using college students as marketing tools can save your company loads of time and resources. It’s also better to have a student reps doing some marketing for your brand, since they’ll probably know the about the school and what events go on. Here are some tips and tricks to help you to do that.

Research the market before hand

You will need to know whether or not your product will appeal to college students. College students will probably have zero interest in a $50 personal app to protect their data, or some luxury product that will cost them all of their monthly allowance. Make sure to visit the campus, show your product to students, and ask if they like it and if they think your price is reasonable.

Show appreciation to student reps

            Show some appreciation toward the students’ reps so they’ll promote your brand with enthusiasm. Make sure to acknowledge them if they are doing a good job, promote their work and make them happy. Therefore, they will feel appreciated and motivated to do a better job promoting your brand for you. Moreover, they will be more likely to share it on their social media sites for all their friends to see, increasing your brand image even more.

Create competition and interaction among the rep applicants

            One popular method is to ask applicants for brand rep positions to create videos and compete for likes on Facebook, and the contest showed her which students could generate the most social media activity. Besides competitive events, you should also offer fun, interactive events to keep students reps engaged in it together. For example, throwing a quick end of year party to show your appreciation for what they’ve done. Or you can ask students reps to come up with ideas for fun or wacky experiences, and put their ideas into practice as long as they don’t conflict with your brand guidelines.

Build a tailored campaign on each different college

            Make sure to optimize your student reps to their best potential. Ask them to write a report on their campus, and you can learn that whether or not the school has a big hipster culture or that its students love technology and apps. It is crucial to have your student reps collect information about their schools, including how many students attend, what groups they belong to, and what trends and traditions they care about and then use all that information to assists your marketing campaign

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