How to Launch a Successful Semester Long Brand Ambassador Program

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Recruiting college brand ambassadors is key to having your brand gain popularity and receive recognition within the youth audience. Ninety-two percent of people surveyed in a research studyconducted by Nielsen said they trust recommendations from friends and family more than all other forms of marketing. A successful brand ambassador program for your business will improve your social standing, increase brand recognition and trust, and secure access into a lucrative market.

Here are some important strategies to launch a successful long-term brand ambassador program designated for college campuses.

Promote your program.

The first step to launching a long-term brand ambassador program is to spread the word and actively make sure college students are aware of your program. Have an application to become a campus ambassador accessible and easy to apply to and announce openings on different social media platforms. Your brand ambassador web page should be updated often with pictures and posts as often as you update the main company’s page. Sell your company’s perks and brand in order to recruit potential candidates who would be the right fit for your brand through blog posts, pictures and videos. For example, education company Pearson has an entire page dedicated to their brand ambassador program. It includes an FAQ of how it works, a link to apply, a video, and a map of current ambassadors around the country.

Attract your audience with freebies.

After making your audience aware of your program, make them want to join your company’s marketing team by providing them with more than just business experience. Most brand ambassadors will be looking for compensation in the form of discounts and freebies from the brand they choose to represent. Smart brands know that broadcasting free perks serves as the largest motivator necessary to expand on a brand ambassador program. Google built its well-established student ambassador program by starting “The Google Pizza Program” in 2005. Google campus ambassadors would offer free pizza for their fellow computer science majors during high-stress times such as finals week and around deadlines. By giving out free pizza, Google was able to create a bond with millennial consumers and recruit future leaders of their company.

Host campus-wide events.

According to a survey conducted by Momentum Worldwide, branded live events are among the top motivators for brand recommendations. Many campus ambassador programs make events a key aspect of their marketing strategies in order to attract new customers and strengthen the loyalty of current customers. Social media metric company HootSuite encourages customers and brand ambassadors to host and attend HootUps – events that discuss the best practices of social media marketing and networking. The events offer tons of freebies that promote HootSuite’s brand, but they also offer students the chance to make valuable connections with others and provide meaningful and useful information.

Establish roots in the community.

The key to staying successful after a brand ambassador launch is to establish roots in your target community. Food delivery service Favor encourages ambassadors to interact and establish ties with their customers, and share their experiences online. They do this by updating their blog with stories of customers’ experiences to demonstrate the company’s care for their customers in their communities. For example, a Favor runner named Sarah delivered food to a girl in the hospital and sat and talked about the girl’s condition. A week later, the girl ordered from Favor again to find that Sarah was her delivery girl. She recognized her as the customer from a week ago, and bought her flowers and a get-well balloon. Stories and experiences like these between ambassadors and the customers establishes loyalty and connections within the community, which in turn allows your brand to branch out to new connections and grow in the business world.

At OnCampus Advertising, we are here to help promote your long-term brand ambassador program to make it as successful as it can be.

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