How to Measure College Advertising Campaign Success Part 2

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Content is King


As a marketer to college students, you clearly understand that your goal is to entice students to choose your product or service over your competitors’. This typically leads to the question of how you are going to achieve the aforementioned goal? The real question should be do you have the content to achieve the goal?

A few weeks back we attended a luncheon on measuring success hosted by Millard Brown Digital. At that time we posted the first of a series of blogs subtitled Setting Your Goals.” The post established that the first key to successful campaigns is having a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

After clearly defining your campaign goals, you need to make sure that the content will enable you to achieve these goals. There are millions of blogs that address the rationale that Content is King, but it’s never truer than when advertising to college students. It is imperative for you to understand that the ad or message you send to 25+ year olds might not resonate with students.

The content also needs to be aligned with your goal. Let’s say that you are ABC Storage facility and you are trying to get college students to store their items with you over the summer. You have established your goal as being driving preference for your facility over a competitor’s. You should not be creating content that gives a general overview on the benefits of storage, but instead presenting content that highlights why you are the best option in the space.

At OnCampus Advertising, we understand the need to speak the language of college students as well as aligning the language with your goals. As you craft your message, we can help you distribute it to the right audience so that it resonates at the right stage of the buying cycle.

We also can help you define the metrics based on the content you are producing and the goals. If you are running a print ad to drive awareness to a store opening in New Orleans, we can help you establish appropriate goals for your campaign (such as suggesting coupons or special offers to students bringing college IDs).

Once your content aligns with your goals, you can move forward with measuring the success of your advertising to college students.

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