How to Measure College Advertising Campaign Success Part 4

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Know Your Story

“Once upon a time,” started an epic fairytale. “Call me Ishmael,” began an American classic. And “Rosebud,” launched one of cinema’s greatest movies. But these lines would be irrelevant without the story behind them.   If things didn’t end happily ever after, or we didn’t learn about man’s struggle, or realize (spoiler alert) that the man was referring to his sled, then the powerful line would have gone for naught.

Previously, we have discussed the importance of Setting the Goal, the need for Great Content, and why it is proper to determine the right Attributions. This blog continues the series of figuring out How to Measure a College Advertising Campaign Success.

The story is extremely important for determining success in any campaign. This is especially true when dealing with college students. These students have grown up on the internet, and they know the ins and outs of websites, mobile devices, and social media tools.

In this case, the story we are referring to is the path consumers take from initial engagement to final sale. Unlike a book or a movie that goes from point A to B in a linear path, college students do not need to follow this path to reach the end results. A student may have learned about you from an ad on the side of a bus, researched you after reading an ad in their college newspaper, and then finally made the decision to purchase after seeing a banner on their mobile phone.

As marketers, we need to fully understand this journey. By tracking the story, we can determine which media investments have the best ROI. While web browser cookies make it easy to follow a college student’s journey online, they are limited to just one medium. As we have discussed many times on this blog, college students are exposed to and utilize multiple mediums in their lives.

A unified campaign that plays off each mediums’ strengths (coupons in print, direct call to actions on online placements, active phone numbers in mobile, etc.) all become chapters in the story. Finding the relationship between each piece can help successfully determine the best tactics to use. OnCampus’ experience with all forms of media targeting college students can help you have that happily ever after.

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